Museum shop

Visit our museum shop at Egersund Fayancemuseum! Among other things, you will find printed faience patterns, ceramics, post cards, and various books published by Dalane Folkemuseum.

As the name suggests, Dalane Folkemuseum is a folk museum for the Dalane-region.

The museum shop has existed for many years. When Egersund Fayancemuseum moved to Egersund city centre, work began on further developing the shop.


The production of ceramics has long traditions in Egersund, which makes ceramic products a natural focal point for our shop. We sell a range of products from local ceramists. In addition, we contacted Figgjo to discuss a possible collaboration. This resulted in a range of products decorated with Jakob Sømme’s Alkemugge (razorbill jug) and Kitty Kielland’s Bekkeblom (marsh marigold). The designer Eli Oftedal Sømme created new varieties of old patterns, adapting them to suit current designs. These products are sold exclusively in our shop.

As we are a regional museum, we wish for our shop to sell products representing all of Dalane. In this regard, coastal culture was, and still is, important. When we decided to expand our product range with glass items, we chose items such as fish figurines and blown glass spheres (reminiscent of fishing floats). A colour palette of greens and blues awaken associations to the ocean, while glass as a material reminds us of translucent water. In our shop, we focus on the use of glassware and ceramics as tableware, as these are easily recognisable items whether you have grown up in the city or in the countryside. Glassware and ceramics also share a “common origin” from sand and clay.

When we discovered an artist making jewellery and earrings from broken porcelain and salmon leather, we thought these items would complement our product range well. As salmon and salmon fishing has been an important industry in Dalane, earrings made of salmon leather fits well with the shop's assortment. The fact that jewellery made from broken porcelain/faience represents recycling, makes the items especially attractive to us. Haven’t we all broken a cup or bowl and thrown the pieces away, as we had no further use for them? Jewellery made from broken pottery brings such pieces new life, and as a result bring us joy as we wear them.

Sheep farming has been important in Dalane for a long time, and still is today. A special landscape with several small farms has proven well suited for keeping sheep. In our shop, we sell sheepskin with printed décor, and ceramic sheep figurines, to represent a traditional profession in Dalane.


We sell a selection of local literature, mainly our own publications, but other authors are also represented.

In our shop, you can buy graphic prints from engraved copper plates. The original plates were once used for pattern printing at the faience factory. In addition to this, we sell prints by the local artist Herbert Thoma. He has gifted a range of his original prints to the museum, as a valuable contribution to our collections.
Lastly, we sell some products – doll heads and miniatur figurines depicting Rosslandsguden (The Rossland God) – made at the museum. We are proud to be producing products for sale, as this represents a continuation of the long ceramic/pottery-tradition in Egersund.

As we expand or change our product range, the thoughts presented will serve as guiding principles. Our goods should have local relevance and represent the region.

Krukker og lysestaker fra Egersund Terracotta og Keramikk

Kopper og lysestaker fra Egersund Terracotta og Keramikk