Stamps from Egersunds Fayancefabrik

Stempel fra A/S Egersunds Fayancefabriks Co. cirka 1963-1969

Drawers and cabinets throughout the country hold an enormous amount of items from the 132-year long production period at A/S Egersunds Fayancefabriks Co. The factory’s extensive production can make it hard to identify items today. The factory used stamps that can be of help in the identification process.

Throughout the faience factory’s long history, various stamps were used at different times. Some stamps were even used at the same time and thus overlap each other. Because of this, there are certain reservations to be made when using stamps to determine an item’s age. The most common stamps are shown below.

Not all items were stamped. Please note that the stamp for 1890-1920 is easy to confuse with the stamp for 1920-1952.

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