Climbing at Helleren

Helleren is a unique cultural heritage site of international importance. It is also the single most visited attraction in Dalane with over 20,000 visitors a year. People visit Helleren all year round. Dalane Folkemuseum wants Helleren to be a freely accessible cultural heritage site, open to all.

Helleren has been a worthy challenge for mountain climbers for many years. Rock climbing in itself is both an exciting and a challenging task. Unfortunately, it has proven impossible to combine the desire to preserve one of our most unique cultural heritage sites with mountain climbing at Helleren. Both the actual climbing and the bolting required, represents a clear risk for the cultural heritage site and for visitors. Climbing increases the risk of rockslides or falling blocks in the area. A geological report has been compiled that clearly explains the dangers climbing entails: "Description of the hazards for visitors, climbers and the houses at the Helleren area in Jøssingfjord".

Mountain climbing is not allowed in Helleren. We urge climbers to respect this climbing ban.

Hazards of Rock Climbing in Helleren (pdf)

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