Opening hours

The houses are always open.

You may have driven past them – or perhaps seen them in a photograph, a tourist brochure, a magazine, or a calendar – the two small houses beneath Helleren in Jøssingfjord. If you follow the North Sea Road, you will see them from fv. 44, somewhere between Egersund and Flekkefjord.

Jøssingfjord and Helleren lie surrounded by every shade of grey on the color scale.

Helleren creates a natural roof and shelter, which humans have taken advantage of for millennia. It is a massive rock formation, with water dripping from heights of up to 10 meters. The roofs of the two houses are unthatched, as they are protected by Helleren. This is one of the reasons why a visit to Helleren is such a unique experience.

På midten av 1800-tallet sto det tre hus under Helleren, men et av dem ble senere flyttet. Det røde huset som står i dag er satt opp rundt 1840. Det blå huset antar vi er reist på 1700-tallet, men det kan være eldre. Antagelig har det vært fast bosetning (helårsbosetning) under Helleren siden 1600-tallet. Dalane Folkemuseum overtok eierskap og ansvar for husene i 2002, da Titania AS overdro dem til museet.

How to get there

Helleren is located by Jøssingfjord in Sokndal municipality. The houses lie right by highway 44, between Egersund and Flekkefjord, and are visible from the road.

Take care

We welcome our audiences to Helleren, but please tread carefully. The houses were not designed to handle the amount of traffic provided by today’s high visitor numbers. We want the houses to remain open to visitors, and thereby ask our audiences to take care.

  • Few persons in the houses at once
  • Tread carefully
  • All use of fire is prohibited
  • Do not leave trash behind

… please close the doors when you leave!

We wish for you to have a unique and memorable experience beneath Helleren – where the two quaint houses rest, framed by tranquil lighting. Take a trip to Helleren, enjoy the experience – and please close the doors when you leave!

Remember that Helleren belongs to us all, not just us living today, but also those who come after. In their dramatic modesty, the houses beneath Helleren are among our finest cultural heritage sites.


Parking lot across the river. Five minute walk to the houses. During the summer season, there are toiles available, as well as a kiosk selling simple refreshments.

Share your opinion

You can share your opinion regarding how we should take care of the houses in the future. In the blue house, you will find a guestbook where you can write us a greeting. Use it!

Her finner du Helleren i Jøssingfjord

Jøssingfjord in Sokndal municipality.

Exit road 44 at the bottom of the valley.

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